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The best public relations practitioners in Mississippi are in the Public Relations Association of Mississippi (PRAM). Our membership consists of approximately 600 public relations professionals from advertising and public relations agencies, corporations, non-profit organizations, government, education, industries and others. PRAM is a source of expertise and inspiration, and a forum for networking with public relations practitioners throughout the state and the region. PRAM offers its members numerous opportunities for professional growth, including:
  • PRAM sponsors an annual workshops/conferences and other special learning and social occasions.
  • PRAM conducts the annual PRism Awards.
  • PRAM sponsors study programs for Accreditation.
  • PRAM fosters greater knowledge of the public relations field
  • PRAM supports the principles and public relations code of ethics.
PRAM is composed of 10 local chapters geographically located throughout the state's major population centers. Local chapters are bound by the same constitution, bylaws and code of ethics as the primary organization. Each local chapter elects its own local board of directors to carry out local business and run its chapter level programs mirroring the primary areas of focus at the state level. While each local chapter has its own distinct personality and strengths, there is not any significant difference in the philosophy of the state organization or other local chapters. Most local chapters play a major role in advising and supporting at least one college chapter.

PRAM membership includes membership in the Southern Public Relations Federation (SPRF), which brings Mississippi public relations practitioner together with others in Alabama, Louisiana, and the Emerald Coast of the Florida Panhandle. SPRF offers an Accreditation Program through the Universal Accreditation Board, an evaluation and awards program via the annual Lantern Award and an annual professional development conference that showcases some of the nation's top public relations professionals.

(PRism Judge's Sheets available here.)

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